At Extreme Supplies some of the services we offer are Water Damage Dehumidifiers Sales and Service. Welcome To Extreme Supplies. We have water damage dehumidifiers for sale or if youíre in need of several dehumidifiers for your company or just one for personal usage call Extreme Supplies for a free estimate. We also buy dehumidifiers in large quantities so we can give our customers great discounts.
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Water Damage Dehumidifiers Sales and Service

Extreme Supplies is a family owned and operated business, because of that  our customers can tell we value their business. We have been in the restoration business for over 25 years. making us the most experienced in the products that we offer. All of our Dehumidifiers are already and on trailers ready to be mobilized at any time day or night. Our Dehumidifiers are ready to be delivered any where in the US. At Extreme Supplies we also Rent Desiccant Dehumidifiers, Heat Trailers, Flood Drying Fans, and HEPA Air Scrubbers if you need us for any of your Drying equipment needs please call us at (866) 287-6080 we will be here to assist you.



Phoenix R200

 The phoenix R200 is a new type of dehumidifier family. The R200 is considered a compact dehumidifier that packs a big punch, removing 125 pints per day drawing only 8.3 amps. Made from a durable roto-molded plastic and a retractable telescoping handle for easy maneuverable.


Phoenix D385 portable

 The great thing about the Phoenix D385 dehumidifier is that it operates vertically and horizontally fitting into a variety of small spaces; like most crawl spaces or attics. It releases processed air that can provide up to 3 ACH on area affected up to 7,000 cubic feet. Unlimited ducting abilities makes this the most ideal Dehumidifier for restorers in the restoration industry or contractors in the building industry.


Phoenix 200HT

 The phoenix 200 high temperature dehumidifier does exactly what its name says. Dehumidifies in higher temperatures, speeds up the evaporation of moisture process reducing the need for more equipment to control the temperature inside the structure.


Phoenix 4800 desiccant

 With its weather resistant design the phoenix 4800 desiccant dehumidifier is primarily constructed of light weight aluminum giving it the ability to be used in structure and building with extreme weather conditions. This desiccant dehumidifier can remove up to 3,000pts a day and has an operating range of -10 to 140 degrees.



Phoenix 200 Max

 The phoenix 200 max is the improved model of the phoenix 200. The phoenix 200 Max is known for removing more water but having more grain depression then other dehumidifiers on the market today. This Specific dehumidifier uses less them 7.5 amperage and can only be used inside the structure.


1800 Desiccant

 Phoenix 1800 desiccant dehumidifier system functions as an air to air moisture exchanger by taking the moisture out of the process air stream and putting it in the reactive air stream. This heavy duty machine runs on only 115volts and with the ability to remove up to 1,000pts a day i would say this is a fantastic first responder.


R175 Dehumidifier

 The phoenix R175 has an increased capacity to remove 30% more water then other dehumidifiers of equal size. Patent focused outlets directs air flow across a wet surface instead of directly at the affected area.


1200 Desiccant

 The Phoenix 1200 desiccant dehumidifier has similar functions to any other desiccant on the market as far as air exchange goes. Easy maneuverability makes it easy for practically anyone to fit it through door ways and even suv’s. The Phoenix 1200 desiccant model has external filter and fuses for easy maintenance.


Phoenix 270 HTx

 The phoenix 270HTx can remove up to 161 pints using only 8.9 amps. focused air flow technology help direct air downward across an affected area. automatic by pass technology allow the dehumidifier to adjust air temperature variation increasing its performance.


Thermal Energy System 200k BTU

 Thermal Energy System is known for being the worlds fastest drying system. Thermal Energy systems can exhaust air to the outside drying a structure in less then 30 hours.



Extreme Supplies Online is available to make purchases 24 hours a day for your convenience. In an Emergency acting quickly is the key.




**Not all of the services that we offer are available in all areas. The locations window at the top of the page does not mean we have an office in that city, or county generally it means we service that area within 60 minutes. Some smaller or rural areas service may be limited or not available.