At Extreme Supplies some of the services we offer are Used Flood Drying Fans, Dehumidifiers, And Air Scrubbers For Sale. Welcome To Extreme Supplies. We sell used restoration equipment. We sell and rent a wide variety but just some of the equipment we sell is flood drying fans, air movers, HEPA air scrubbers and dehumidifiers. All of the professional grade equipment we sell is up to date and warranted, best for the buck.
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Used Flood Drying Fans, Dehumidifiers, And Air Scrubbers For Sale

AIR SCRUBBERS Extreme Supplies offers several of the name brand products and accessories for HEPA air scrubbers from Aero Space, Omniaire, Titan, and Phoenix. also available lay flat duct in different sizes and replacement HEPA air filters.
AIR MOVERS Some of the flood drying fans that Extreme Supplies carries include but are not limited to; titan, phoenix, Mytee, and Viking. Not only do we rent air movers but we also have them for purchase on our online store or over by phone 24 hours a day.
DEHUMIDIFIER Extreme Supplies has several different models and brands of dehumidifiers in stock. New and pre-owned equipment is for rent as well as purchase.
 Mytee GFI DRY This 2 speed, 115 volt, 3.5 amp Drying Fan is not only energy efficient but durable and easy to store due to its stack-ability. Mytee GFI dry Drying Fans are easy to move and use in several position on a variety of Flood and Water Damage jobs.
Viking 2200 EX The Viking 2200 Ex is a 2 speed, 3 positioning Air Mover. This Flood Drying Fan is ideal for any restorer, it delivers maximum airflow and optimum features while consuming low amps. The stacking capabilities make them easy to stack, move and store.
R175 Dehumidifier The phoenix R175 has an increased capacity to remove 30% more water then other dehumidifiers of equal size. Patent focused outlets directs air flow across a wet surface instead of directly towards the affected area.
Phoenix 200HT The phoenix 200 high temperature dehumidifier does exactly what its name says. Dehumidifies in higher temperatures, speeding up the evaporation of moisture process reducing the need for more equipment to control the temperature inside the structure.

**Not all of the services that we offer are available in all areas. The locations window at the top of the page does not mean we have an office in that city, or county generally it means we service that area within 60 minutes. Some smaller or rural areas service may be limited or not available.