At Extreme Supplies we sell new and used flood drying equipment, hepa air scrubbers, and dehumidifiers. Some of the products we sell are Phoenix, Viking, Benefect, unsmoke. Extreme Supplies also sells a full line of carpet and floor cleaning products, containment supplies 6 mil. pvc. and zip poles.
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Extreme Supplies is a family owned and operated company with more than 25 years of experience in the business. We are one of the largest carriers of all Commercial Flood equipment, and Fire cleaning supplies in the market today. Our company carries a wide variety of drying equipment and also sell new and used flood drying fans, dehumidifiers, and HEPA air cleaners. We carry many different disinfectants and Environmentally safe Cleaning Chemicals for all types of industries. Our business operates 24 hours a day and offers an online store, feel free to call us with any and all of your supply needs any time day or night. or visit our on line store



The Viking 2200 Ex is a 2 speed, 3 positioning Flood Drying Fan. This Air Mover is ideal for any restorer, it delivers maximum airflow and optimum features while consuming low amps. The stacking capabilities make them easy to stack, move and store. Extreme Supplies stocks several thousand of these drying fans that are available for sale and rent.
The Phoenix 200 MAX is one of the most effective and versatile drying devices available on the market today. The 200 MAX removes more water and has more grain depression than other refrigerant dehumidifiers, even though it only requires 7.4 amps of electricity. When you combine this performance with the multiple ducting and air filtration options, it is easy to understand why the Phoenix 200 MAX is considered the ultimate in low grain refrigerant dehumidifier
Viking PDS 21 all in one containment makes it easier to dry out areas like wall cavities, behind cabinets and even permanent furniture. This new pressurized drying system has 21 outlets and 1/2 OD hose that delivers warm air to those hard to reach areas. Safety features include a built in thermal protector that shuts down at 205 degrees F, and heals at 182 degrees.
Phoenix Axial is the only Air Mover with patented Focus technology. Highly focused airflow directed towards problematic drying areas like sub floors, wall, and carpet pad. Focus technology sustains airflow over 22 ft making it easier on you for drying larger, harder areas to dry. If you want to purchase any of Extreme Supplies please call us any time or go to our on line store
The 365 nm UVA Rays emitted from the Titan’s TiO2 Photo Catalytic Lamp pass through a Permanent TiO2 Anatase Coated Carbon Filter, which is designed to hold the maximum amount of Highly Reactive Nano Sized Anatase Titanium Dioxide, and as a result, electron hole pairs are formed that react with H2O and O2 in the air and produce Free Electrons and Hydroxl Radicals that when dispersed by the fan will decompose organic and inorganic gasses and air pollutants into carbon dioxide and water.Remove Odors and Kill Germs all at the same time.
Injectidry systems are one of the best pieces of equipment to own, this  machine is known for saving hardwood floors, inside walls, as well as in and underneath cabinets. It works on the principal of positive or negative air flow. Extreme Supplies has injectidry units for purchase or rent. 
You can now also use an alternative to chlorine, ammonia & oxidizers which isn’t corrosive, flammable or reactive nor does it pose a public health risk. A ready-to-use formula ensures the product’s proper germ killing ability on every job. Extreme Supplies Sells the full fine of Benefect and many other cleaning and disinfectant chemicals


**Not all of the services that we offer are available in all areas. The locations window at the top of the page does not mean we have an office in that city, or county generally it means we service that area within 60 minutes. Some smaller or rural areas service may be limited or not available.